Thursday, February 16, 2017

  • Digital Marketing for Business Growth

    Programme Directors    : Prof. Seema Gupta

    Programme Dates           : 13 – 17 February 2017

    Programme Venue         : Central Pergola, IIMB Campus

    Programme Overview   : Digital media is hip and happening. Do you have what it takes to make it big? Learn Now!

    Big TV spends are out – unless you have lot of money to waste!

    Which is THE social media for your brand – Twitter or Facebook or Blog? Find out!

    Are you getting bang for your buck? Check it out!

    How to add fizz to your digital marketing? Figure it out.

    Come to IIMB. Enroll for the 5-day programme designed for getting you up to speed with Digital Marketing. Here is how:

    This programme will give an overview of various digital marketing platforms that businesses can use for achieving growth. It will give insights into the art and science of search engine marketing and social media marketing. It will cover facets of search advertising and search engine optimization. It will enable broad understanding of key social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The programme will arm marketers with an understanding of web analytics and metrics with which they can measure the performance of their digital marketing campaigns. The programme will help marketers get increased engagement, leads and conversions. The programme will equip marketers with the tools and techniques of digital marketing so that they can integrate digital into their marketing plan. Insights into digital marketing will enable marketers to get enhanced performance from their digital agencies while reducing the cost of their digital campaigns.

    Organizations in India are increasingly feeling the need for “market orientation” because of ever-changing customer preferences. Marketing and other functional disciplines today are expected to “talk to” rather than “talk at” each other. This Programme therefore aims at clarifying the basics of marketing, to marketing as well as non-marketing executives. It helps the process of facilitating a dialogue between the different disciplines of an organization with the objective of serving the customer more effectively.

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