Wednesday, February 22, 2017

  • Managing Acquisitions & Joint Ventures

    Programme Directors    : Prof. S Raghunath

    Programme Dates           : 20 – 22 February 2017

    Programme Venue         : M-12, IIMB Campus

    Programme Overview   : This programme is about how joint ventures and acquisitions are to be designed and managed.  By joining this programme, we assume that you are or you plan to become a key contributor to the practice of structuring and managing joint ventures and acquisitions.

    We will concentrate on the following questions in the programme

    What is driving joint ventures and acquisitions?

    How can a firm benefit from joint ventures and acquisitions without being hurt?

    Is there a way to cooperate safely with a competitor?

    When are different kinds of joint ventures and acquisitions used?   How are they designed and managed?

    How can a firm work with other business and national cultures?

    What management practices does a firm use to support joint ventures and acquisitions

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