Reaching IIMB - Maps and Directions

Reaching IIMB - Maps and Directions

The IIMB campus is located in south Bangalore on the main Bannerghatta Road, in an area called Bilekahalli. (Geographical co-ordinates 12.897604N, 77.600191E)

Bannerghatta Road is an arterial road that radiates from the centre of Bangalore city and stretches right up to the Bannerghatta National Park. The IIMB campus is positioned at the "10th Km" from the city centre (MG Road).

Bilekahalli (pronounced Be-lay-ka-halli; also sometimes called Bilekhalli) is the name of the locality and also the postal area, and this area location is the prime reference for the drivers of taxis and autorickshaws.

Directions from the Bangalore International Airport:

On arrival at the Bangalore International Airport, near the exit of the airport building, the airport security personnel can guide you towards the airport taxis (MERU, EasyCabs or KSTDC brand). These official airport taxi operators ply by the meter; it should cost you about Indian Rupees 1000 to reach the IIMB campus from the airport. By taxi, it should take you about 90 minutes to reach the IIM Bangalore campus. However, traffic is at a peak during 9 am - 11 am and 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm, and the travel could take more time.

The travel route will take you through Bellary Road, past Mekhri Circle, and the central business district of Bangalore around the General Post Office and MG Road.

Once you are on Bannerghatta Road, watch out for the landmark Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology hospital/flyover; at this point you are within three kilometers of the campus.

The 100-acre IIMB campus is on the left side of the road immediately after you pass the Bilekahalli bus stop and market area.

The landmark opposite IIMB on the right side of the road is the Honeywell office building.

The campus has a single main entrance - the access is via a ramp which veers to the left of the Bannerghatta Road. The Security Office at the main gate will guide you to the person/building you wish to reach. 

(If you happen to drive past the entrance to IIMB, you will see Apollo and Fortis Hospitals on your right and would have to do a U-Turn to come back to the IIMB entrance). - This Virtual Tour starts at the entrance of the IIMB campus.

Click here for Location of IIMB on Google Maps

Driving directions can be found on Google Maps by clicking "Get directions":

From the Bangalore International Airport: Input/select - Bangalore International Airport (A) and IIM Bangalore (B). The distance is around 45 kilometres.

From the City Railway Station: Input/select - Bangalore City Railway Station (A) and IIM Bangalore (B). The distance is around 13 kilometres.


Postal address of IIMB:
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Bannerghatta Road,
PIN Code: 560 076


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