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In the Programme the following type of courses are offered:

- Core courses are compulsory and offered in the first year and most of them are three credit courses.

- Core electives are offered from term III onwards. In first year, about eight core electives from different areas are offered and students should pick any three.

- Courses in the second year are called electives.

During the first year, a student will do 15 core courses and 3 electives. The detailed outline of these courses will be available in the curriculum to be distributed to every student at the time of registration.

The first year consists of three terms and the term-wise course details are given in the table below:

Courses and Credits

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Financial Accounting (3) Marketing Management (3) Competition & Strategy (3)
Quantitative Methods-I (3) Corporate Finance (3) Macroeconomics (3)
Managerial Economics (3) Operations Management (3) Management Accounting (2)
Managing Organisations (3) Quantitative Methods-II (3) Core Elective 1 (3)
Business, Government and Society (3) Managing People and Performance in Organisations (3) Core Elective 2 (3)
Managerial Communication (2) Managerial Communication (1) Core Elective 3 (3)
17 credits 16 credits 17 credits

The Institute offers a wide variety of electives. Students must take at least 45 credits in the second year to be eligible for graduation. Most electives that are offered are of 3 credits each. Some of the electives that have been offered in the last few years are:

Economics & Social Sciences
Business Forecasting, Technology, Infrastructure and Market Reforms, Econometrics, Current Economic Scenario, Political Economy

Finance & Control Area
Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Derivatives, International Finance, Introduction to Capital Market Theory, Integrated Treasury and Risk Management, Investments, Management of Banks and Financial Institutions, Mergers and Acquisitions, New Enterprise Financing, General Insurance, International Banking, Fixed Income Securities, Social Entrepreneurship, Management Control Systems, Banking, Financial Market and Systems, Advance Corporate Finance, Corporate Tax Management, Indirect Taxation, General Insurance, Insurance and Pension Funds

Research for Marketing Decisions, Brand Management, Product Management, Advertising Management, Consumer Behaviour, Services Marketing, Business Data Mining and Decision Making, Rural Marketing, Retailing Management, Competitive Marketing Strategy, Business Marketing Strategy, Sales and Distribution Management, International Business Negotiation Skills

Production & Operations Management
Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Project management, ERP, MRP II, Operations Strategy, Services Management, Managing E-business

Quantitative Methods and Information Systems
Spreadsheet Models for Business Decisions Problems, Data Base Management Systems, Software Project Management, Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics, Information Systems Development, Simulation for Management, Game Theory, Marketing of Information Technology, Patterns of Problem Solving

Corporate Strategy and Policy
Advanced Corporate Strategy, Technology Competition and Business, Managing New Ventures, Strategy and Environment, Multinational Management, New Product Development

Organisation Behaviour and HRM
Tracking Creative Boundaries, High Performing Organisations, Inter Cultural Management, Strategic HRM