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In the Programme the following type of courses are offered:

  • Core Courses: These are compulsory courses and are offered in the first year. Most of these courses are three credit courses.
  • Electives: Students have to register for 3 electives courses of 3 credits in the first year third term along with the core courses. Out of several electives offered, students will be allowed to take elective courses provided they have taken all core courses in terms I and II and have registered for term III core courses. In the second year, one has to register elective courses up to 45 credits minimum to complete the course. These are typically three credit courses held in the second year. A minimum registration of 30 students is required for an elective to be offered.
  • The Programme offers 1.5 credit courses (workshop courses and regular courses) depending upon the interest of students. The minimum registration of 30 applies for all electives.

Course Outlines

Students will be provided with course outlines of the Elective Courses that they have chosen. The course outlines may either be in printed form or posted on the intranet. Every course outline provided to students will cover the following:

  • Objectives of the course
  • Pedagogy to be adopted
  • Prerequisites if any (in case of elective courses)
  • Restrictions if any (in case of elective/workshop courses-for registration lesser than 75, the course committee has to approve)
  • Session wise details of topics, required readings, additional readings and assignments
  • Scheme of evaluation and weightages, as well as attendance policy


The Institute uses the concept of credit to define the weightage of a course in the curriculum. Courses are listed as one, two or three credit courses depending on the indicated workload for each course. The generally accepted thumb rule is that a three credit course involves about 100 hours of work, about 30% of which is in the class room and the balance outside the class - in preparation and assignments. One and two credit courses would have a proportionately less workload.

Courses and Credits - First year

During the first year, a student will be required to do 15 core courses and 3 electives. The first year consists of three terms and the term wise course details are given in the table below:

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Financial Accounting (3) Competition & Strategy (3) Business, Government & Society (3)
Quantitative Methods-I (3) Corporate Finance (3) Macroeconomics (3)
Managerial Economics (3) Operations Management (3) Management Accounting (2)
Managing Organisations (3) Quantitative Methods-II (3) Core Elective 1 (3)
Marketing Management (3) Managing People and Performance in Organisations (3) Core Elective 2 (3)
Managerial Communication- I (2) Managerial Communication- II (1) Core Elective 3 (3)
17 credits 16 credits 17 credits

Courses and Credits - Second Year

  • The student has to take a minimum total of 45 credits in electives over three terms in the second year. The details regarding credit distribution are as follows:

Credits Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Min 12 12 9
Max 18 18 18

  • In case the registrations in an elective course are below 30, that course will be withdrawn.
  • There is a bidding process used for selection of students for elective courses. The Academic Council will coordinate the course selection process by students.
  • During the first week, a student has the choice to add or drop a course.