Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management- Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders

Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management- Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders

The full-time Executive Post Graduate Programme (EPGP) is an intensive one year residential programme created specifically for professionals with remarkable track records and five to fifteen years of work experience in a wide range of industries.  The EPGP provides students with the same solid foundation in key management concepts and disciplines as a two year MBA, with similar rigor, range of electives, and grading criteria.  A key advantage of the EPGP is that the course work builds on the diverse and extensive work experience of the students.

Innovative content

The EPGP focuses on the leadership skills essential for effective senior managers.  On completion of two terms of core courses, students have the choice of a broad range of electives to align with their career objectives and personal interests.  In addition to electives designed specifically for the EPGP, students also have access to designated electives from other Institute programmes including the two year PGP, the PGPEM and the PGPPM, each offering specialized topics of study.  Themes drawn from the realm of the social sciences have been integrated into the programme in a structured manner leading to a nuanced, multi-layered understanding of management issues.  Students also have the option of undertaking a Comprehensive Project or an Independent Study project to apply learning from the programme to a real management problem or an impending business opportunity.

International Immersion

The International Immersion module in the EPGP is designed to give students insights into the economic, social and cultural spheres of emerging economies such as China, Russia, Brazil and South Africa or developed countries such as Singapore and South Korea.  The class travels to the country to spend two weeks hosted by one of the top local business schools.  They attend lectures on the country's economy and society with specific emphasis on issues affecting business and industry and the students divide into groups to work on company-based projects.  The intensive analysis, reflection and classroom discussion following the visit enables students to broaden their understanding of an increasingly globalized business environment.


Applying what you study to real-life contexts is a key aspect of learning in the one year, full time residential Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP) at IIM Bangalore. Visiting organizations as part of your core academic studies allows you to gain a realistic insight into how the world does business. It takes you beyond the classroom as the knowledge you gain on the core courses taught in the classroom is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg when it comes to your EPGP experience.

Successful companies develop leadership skills within a strategic context and in a disciplined manner: routinely, rigorously, and repeatedly. One leadership development initiative that EPGP has launched, with encouraging success, for its students, is called 'Shikshu'.

'Shikshu', which means 'apprentice' in Sanskrit, is an IIMB Alumni-EPGP Student engagement initiative, where EPGP students get the rare opportunity of experiencing first-h and how a CEO's office works. Several of IIMB's alumni, who work at the top echelons of various reputed organizations, mentor the EPGP students, who spend a day at the offices of the alumni, attend meetings and interact with the senior most executives at these offices.

'Shikshu' provides a meaningful way for IIMB alumni and EPGP students to connect. It links EPGP students, for one full day, with alumni mentors who are willing to provide advice about career exploration, navigating the EPGP programme landscape, and how to bridge the gap from student life to work life. 'Shikshu' therefore provides an opportunity for students to focus on a path or reaffirm a journey they are already intending on taking.

'Shikshu' 2013-14 had 9 alumni-mentors: Amit Sharma, Vice President & GM - Operations, IBM; Atul S Nath, Managing Director, Candid Marketing; Atul Shinghal, CEO, Probe Equity Research; Bhargav Dasgupta, Managing Director & CEO, ICICI Lombard; G Shankaran Nair, President, Servion Tech; Malavika Harita, CEO, Saatchi Focus Networks; Sridhar Ramanujam, CEO, Brand Comm; Hitesh Oberoi, CEO, Naukri.com; Himanshu Kapania, Managing Director, Idea Cellular.

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Seminar Series: Management and Beyond

The EPGP Seminar Series provides a platform for students to engage with eminent personalities from different walks of life - artists, scientists, media figures and representatives of NGOs.  Prominent members of the corporate world are also invited to campus as part of the EPGP Industry Interaction Initiative iCube.  The broad range of ideas and perspectives from both inside and outside the world of management provides a fertile ground for holistic leadership development.  Organized by the EPGP students themselves, the seminars take place throughout the year approximately once every fortnight. The informal sessions facilitate candid exchanges with the speakers and the presence of these well-known figures enriches the vibrant campus culture at IIM Bangalore.

The Bangalore Advantage

Bangalore is one of Asia's fastest growing cities.  With a rich and highly cosmopolitan cultural life and ideal year-round climate, Bangalore regularly tops the list of the best places to live in India.  Known as India's high technology capital, it is home to some of the leading corporations in the country ranging from IT to consumer product companies, giving EPGP the opportunity to integrate classroom knowledge with extensive industry interaction.

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