Shubhabrata Das

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Quantitative Methods & Information Systems


Professor Das has held visiting faculty positions at various institutes/universities of international repute, including ESSEC Business School, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, University of Nebraska and University of Monatana.

His major research domain is in Statistical Methods, Actuarial Mathematics and Operations Research. Specific topics of interests include Multivariate Statistics, Statistical Analysis of Fuzzy data, Sports Analytics, Business Forecasting, Measurement and Scaling and Discrete Optimization problems. Prof Das has published several papers in refereed journals of international repute. He co-authored a book titled Facing the Future: Indian Pension Systems’ and also co-authored the chapter on Canonical Correlations in the Encyclopedia of Biostatistics. Besides these, he has published technical reports and delivered seminars at various international conferences.

Significant Publications:

- Alarm System for Insurance Companies: A Strategy for Capital Allocation, S. Das and M. Kratz. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics  51 (2012) 53-65
- Joint Life Insurance Policies with Differential Benefits and Premiums to the Policyholders, S. Das (2008) Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance 2(2) pp 1-18.
- On Measuring Imprecision in Human Response due to Respondent and Attribute and its Utility in Questionnaire Design, S. Das (2006), International Journal of Uncertainty and Knowledge-based Systems.14(2)
- Binary Knapsack Problems with Random Budgets, S. Das and D. Ghosh (2003), J. of Operational Research Society 54 (9): pp 970 - 983.
- Quantifying fuzziness due to the scale of measurement in response systems, S. Das (2002), Fuzzy Sets and Systems 132: pp 317 - 333.
- Restricted Canonical Correlations, S. Das & P.K.Sen (1994), Linear Algebra and Its Applications 210: pp 29 -- 47.

Besides teaching the core courses on Statistics for the Post-graduate programmes, doctoral programme and various executive education programmes at IIMB, he offers elective courses on Business Forecasting, Sports Analytics, Insurance Analytics and Actuarial Mathematics.

Professor Das engages in training and other consultancy services in the domain of Business Statistics, Business Analytics, Advanced Market Research, Business Forecasting and Insurance with various prominent companies in the country.

Recent Consulting:

Forecasting electricity load

Domestic market study for freshwater fishery products

On Suitable scale for purchase intension

Bayesian and Nonparametric regression and their Software implementation

On determination of minimum support price

Time series forecasting for Business analytics

Classification and clustering

Professor Das was part of the IIMB faculty team that received the IBM Faculty award

  • He received the best paper award in the 7th APRIA for work on Joint life Insurance Policy with Differential Benefit and Premium
  • One of 20 faculty members from four continents and 12 academic institutions of international repute to receive a four-year (2013-16) grant facilitating collaborating research on Risk Analysis, Ruin and Extremes, awarded by the European Commission.
  • Chairperson, QM & IS area 2012-14
  • Chairperson, Admissions 2005-2007
  • Chairperson, Library 2001-2003
  • PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
  • MS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
  • M.Stat, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India
  • B.Stat, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India