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Public Policy

Assistant Professor, Centre for Public Policy


Hema Swaminathan is Assistant Professor at the Centre for Public Policy. Her broad interests are in the areas of poverty and inequality using a gender perspective.

Professor Swaminathan’s recent and ongoing research focuses on wealth and asset distribution between men and women and its implications for welfare outcomes. She is also interested in understanding the links between economic growth and women’s labour supply in India. Some of her work explores the effect of policy initiatives on health outcomes.

Her publications include:

  • "Economic Development and Female Labour Force Participation in India". Forthcoming. Feminist Economics. (with Rahul Lahoti)
  • “Moving from the Household to the Individual: Multidimensional Poverty Analysis”. 2014. World Development, 59 pp: 71-80.  (with Ramya Vijaya and Rahul Lahoti)
  • "Property Rights and the Gender Distribution of Wealth in Ecuador, Ghana and India". 2013. Journal of Economic Inequality, 11 pp: 249-265. (with Carmen Diana Deere, Abena Oduro, and Cheryl Doss)
  • “Gender Asset and Wealth Gaps: Evidence from Karnataka”. 2012. Economic and Political Weekly. XLVII (35) pp: 59-67. (with Rahul Lahoti and Suchitra JY)
  • “Malnourished in Slums? Evidence from India”, 2012. American Journal of Public Health, 102 (7) pp: 1329-1335. (with Arnab Mukherji)
  • "Impact of Access to Credit on Labor Allocation Patterns in Malawi" 2010. World Development, 38 (4) pp: 555-566. (with Jill Findeis and Rodrigo SalcedoDuBois)
  • “Women’s Property Rights and HIV & AIDS: Evidence from India.” 2009. Economic and Political Weekly, 44 (17), pp: 101-108. (with Nandita Bhatla and Swati Chakraborty).
  • “Material and Moral Foundations of India’s Africa Policy.” 2008. Economic and Political Weekly, 43 (19), pp: 21-24. (with Deepak Malghan)
  • “The Retail Revolution: Do We Know Enough?” 2007. Economic and Political Weekly, 42 (14), pp: 1246-1247. (with Stephan Goetz)
  • “Wal-Mart and County-Wide Poverty.” 2006. Social Science Quarterly, 87 (2), pp: 211-226. (with Stephan Goetz)
  • “Farm Households in the United States: Labor Participation, Decision-making and the Effects of Farm Asset Control.” 2005. EconomieRurale, Issue 289-290, September-December (with Jill Findeis and Anuja Jayaraman)
  • “The Effects of Welfare Reform on Employment and Poverty in Rural and Urban Counties.” 2005. Perspectives on Poverty, Policy and Place, Vol. 2 (4), RUPRI Rural Poverty Research Center (with Jill Findeis)
  • “Policy Interventions and Poverty in America.” 2004. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 86 (5), pp: 1289-1296. (with Jill Findeis)
  • “Access to Credit and Women's Work Decisions: An Empirical Study in Rural Malawi.” 2003. Journal of Population, Volume 9 (1), pp: 1-49. (with Jill Findeis)

Under Review

  • Economic Development and Female Labor Force Participation in India (with Rahul Lahoti).
  • Women, Assets, and the Accumulation of Savings: A Comparative Analysis of Ecuador, Ghana and India (with Carmen Diana Deere, Cheryl Doss, Abena Oduro, Suchitra JY)

Professor Swaminathan’s teaching expertise lies in the following areas:

  • Applied Econometrics (PGP)
  • Engaging with Africa (PGP)
  • Business, Government and Society (PGP)
  • Evaluation of Public Policy (PGPPM)
  • PhD (Agricultural Economics), The Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • MSc (Economics), University of Bristol, UK