Jishnu Hazra

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Production & Operations Management

Chairperson, Research & Publications and C-DOCTA


Professor Hazra’s research interests are in Sourcing and Supply Chain Management, Lean Operations and Pricing in Supply Chain. His papers have appeared in international journals such as IIE Transactions, Production & Operations Management, Computers & Operations Research and European Journal of Operations Research.

List of Publications:

  1. 'Dual Sourcing under Suppliers' Capacity Investments', International Journal of Production Economics, Volume 183, Part A, 2017, 103–115, Tarun Jain and Jishnu Hazra
  2. 'Services Outsourcing under Asymmetric Cost Information' European Journal of Operational ResearchVolume 257, Issue 2, 2017 , Pages 456–467”, B. Mahadevan, Jishnu Hazra, Tarun Jain
  3. 'Stocking and Quality Decisions for Deteriorating Perishable Products under Competition', Journal of Operational Research Society, 2016, Volume 67, Issue 4, pp 593–603, Prashant Chintapalli and Jishnu Hazra
  4. 'Sourcing under Incomplete Information and Negative Capacity-cost Correlation'Journal of Operational Research Society, 2016, Volume 67, Issue 3, pp 437–449, Tarun Jain and Jishnu Hazra
  5. 'Pricing and Inventory Management during New Product Introduction when Shortage Creates Hype'Naval Research Logistics, Vol 63 No. 4, 304-320, 2015, Prashant Chintapalli and Jishnu Hazra
  6. 'A Procurement Model using Capacity Reservation', in European Journal of Operational ResearchVol 193, pg 303-316, 2009, Jishnu Hazra and B. Mahadevan
  7. 'Impact of Supply Base Heterogeneity in Electronic Markets', European Journal of Operational Research, Vol 174, Issue 3, pg 1580-1594, 2006, Jishnu Hazra and B. Mahadevan
  8. 'Capacity Allocation among Multiple Suppliers in an Electronic Market', Production and Operations Management, Vol 13, No. 2, pg 161-170, 2004, Jishnu Hazra, B. Mahadevan and Sudhi Seshadri
  9. 'Analyzing closed Kanban-controlled Assembly Systems by Iterative Aggregation-Disaggregation', in Computers and Operations Research, Vol. 26, No. 10/11, pg 1015-1040, 1999, Jishnu Hazra, Paul Schweitzer and Avi Seidmann
  10. 'Performance Evaluation of Closed Tree-Structured Assembly Systems', IIE Transactions, Volume 28,  pg 591-599, 1996, Jishnu Hazra and Abraham Seidmann

In the areas of Supply Chain Management, Managing Product Variety and Logistics.

  • He has received many teaching awards in the PGP at IIMB.
  • Nominated a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma, an academic honor society in the United States.
  • PhD (Operations Management), University of Rochester, New York, USA
  • MTech, (Industrial Engineering), IIT Mumbai
  • BTech, (Mechanical Engineering), IIT, New Delhi