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Ramesh Kumar, S
Personal Webpage
S Ramesh Kumar



Ph.D., Madras University
MBA, Madras University
B.E. (Electronics and Communication Engineering), Madras University, India

Phone:  +91-80-26993184
Address:  E-206


Research Areas:
Branding-consumer behavior interface; Relationship marketing; Combining online and offline marketing strategies


Academic Positions:
IIM Bangalore: 1995- present


ICFAI Best Teacher Award by Association for Indian Management Schools (AIMS)


Significant Publications:


  • Leon Schiffman, Joseph Wisenblit and S.Ramesh Kumar "Consumer Behavior" 11 Ed (text book) Pearson education,2014
  • Ramesh Kumar S, (Editor),"Cases in Consumer Behavior-with coverage on the Indian context", Pearson-Ivey publication,2012.
  • Ramesh Kumar S., (Editor), "Cases In Marketing Management- with coverage of the Indian context" , Pearson-Ivey publication, 2011
  • Leon Schiffman, Lazar Kauk and S.Ramesh Kumar in collaboration with Joseph Wisenblit , Consumer Behavior 10 Ed (text book) Pearson education,2010
  • Ramesh Kumar S Consumer behavior and Branding -Concepts, Readings and Cases (the Indian context),Pearson Education, 2009
  • Ramesh kumar S Marketing and Branding-The Indian Scenario, Pearson Education India ,2006.
  • Ramesh Kumar S Conceptual Issues in Consumer Behavior-The Indian Context (323 pages), Pearson Education , Singapore,2003
  • Ramesh Kumar S Managing Indian Brands-Concepts and Strategies, Vikas Publications,2001
  • Ramesh Kumar S Application Exercises in Marketing-Indian Context , Vikas Publications,2000
  • Ramesh kumar S Marketing Nuggets - Conceptual Dimensions in Marketing Vikas Publications,1998



  • S.Ramesh Kumar ,Venkata Seshagiri Rao and Narayana Trinadh Kotturu," Himalaya Drug Company :Repositioning a Herbal bath Soap" (Ivey case),2014.
  • S.Ramesh Kumar and S.Venkatesh , " Himalaya Shampoo: Building a Differentiated Brand" (Ivey case),2013
  • S.Ramesh Kumar , S.Shilpa and G.Krishnakumar, "Raga and Tanishq-Symbolic Linkages between Brands (The Indian Context), (IIMB-Harvard Business School case series),2013.
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  • Ramesh Kumar S, Ande Teja and Syed Hussain , "Exploring Category Benefits For Brand Building- Kaya and the Beauty care market" , IIMB -Harvard Business School case series, 2012.
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Akshat Kumar , "HDFC Life Insurance-Building a Service Brand" Ivey case , 2012
  • Ramesh Kumar and Kasturi Baral,"xylyz: Premium watches and Behavioral Dimensions in the Indian context" 2012, IIMB case - Harvard Business School case series.
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Nitya Guruvayurappan, "Himalaya Herbal Toothpaste :category and Brand Involvement in an Emerging market" 2011,Ivey Case
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Shamit Bagchi, www.Dhonuk.com :Marketing Art in an emerging environment, 2011 Ivey case
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Radhika Vishwas ,"Shiny Provision Stores :Challenges in the Indian retail market " Ivey Case Collection,2010-Ivey case
  • Ramesh Kumar S., Nitya Guruvayurappan and Madhurjya Banerjee," Ethnic Consulting Company" ,Ivey Case collection ,2010-Ivey case
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Nitya Guruvayurappan " Super Shampoo Products and the Indian Mass Market", 2010,Ivey case
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Radhika Viswas "Conversations in the mass market -Cellular phone services in an Emerging market" (2009)
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Geetha , " Fiery Thrills and Windy Rides-Positioning a new brand of motorcycle in the Indian context" 2009 (Published in S.Ramesh Kumar ,"Consumer Behavior and Branding -Concepts, Readings and Cases",Pearson,2009)
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Mohan Kuruvilla ,"Tinplate Company of India-Need for a Conceptual Focus", Ivey Case collection, (2001)-Ivey case


Selected refereed publications:

  • Ramesh Kumar S ,"Adapting Integrated Marketing Communication to an Emerging Market" Journal of Integrated marketing Communication" ,2009
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Kartik Srinivasan, "Consumer Psyche and Online Branding, The Indian Context-An Exploratory Study", International Journal of Management Practices &Contemporary Thoughts " Jun-Dec 2007 (published in 2008)
  • Ramesh Kumar S ,Nitya Guruvayurappan and Madhurjya ," Cultural Values and branding in an Emerging market-The Indian Context" ,Marketing Review Autumn issue, 2007
  • Ramesh Kumar S,Rajeev Ravi and Jeevesh Jain," ," The Role of Point of Purchase in Shopping behaviour in an Emerging Market-The Indian Context", Indian Retailing Review" ,Jun -Dec 2007
  • Ramesh Kumar,Amit Luthra and Gaurav Datta ,"Linkages between Brand Personality and Brand loyalty- A Qualitative study in an Emerging market in the Indian Context" ,South Asian Journal of Management, April-Jun 2006.
  • Ramesh Kumar and Aaalp Sharma, "Expansion advertising as a precursor to Brand loyalty in India, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management" , Sept,2005.
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Jai Advani " Factors affecting Brand Loyalty-A framework for fast moving consumer goods " (accepted by Journal of Customer Behaviour),2005.
  • Ramesh Kumar ,S "Branding in a changing environment-The Indian Context" Journal of Brand Management,Sept,2003
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Karan Bajaj ,"Cultural Dimensions and MNC Brands-A study in the Indian Context", South Asian Journal of Management,July-Sept,2002
  • Ramesh Kumar S," Combining Online and Offline Marketing Strategies "Ivey Business Journal Nov/Dec 2001



  • Presented a paper Customer Equity in Emerging Markets at "Frontiers in Marketing" conducted by Amercian Marketing Association and University of Queensland at Brisbane, Jun 28-July 2,2006.
  • Presented a paper, , "Managing Product Value and Symbolism in Brand Proposition-The Indian Context" in the conference "Marketing Strategies for Emerging Markets " conducted by IIM Kozhikode and NASMEI, U.S, at Kozhikode ( Dec,2004)
  • Presented a paper on "Linkages between Brand Loyalty and Brand Personality" at the Academy of Marketing conference held at University of Gloucestershire, U.K (July,2004) (joint paper with Amit Luthra and Gaurav Datta)
  • Qualitative Measurement of Impulsive Behavior-Retailing Context (abstract) accepted for presentation at the Marketing Science Conference at Smith School of Business, Maryland ,U.S (Jun, 2003)
  • Presented a paper on "Online Customer Equity at the Frontiers in Services"in a conference conducted by Amercian Marketing Association and Maastrict University,Netherlands (Jun,2002)
  • Presented a paper (with N.B.Kanagal) on "Product-Customer Interface" at the American Marketing Association conference "Frontiers in Services" held at Vanderbilt University, U.S (Oct 22-24,1999)
  • Presented a paper on Imagery and Consumer Behavior at the Psychology Congress held by Sweedish Psychological Association at Stockholm(July,2000)
  • Presented a paper (jointly with Professor Nargundkar titled "Towards A Global Village : Changes in Consumer And Industrial Marketing in India" at the International conference on "Architechting The Global Village : Perspectives, Problems And Prospects" held at Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad (Jan 3-5, 1997).
  • Paper titled "Monitoring Customer Satisfaction" accepted by Southern State University of Connecticut, US for the conference on "Business Envinronment" (Nov 13-14, 1997).
  • Paper on "Entry Strategies of Multinational Corporations - Indian Context" accepted by the University of Belgrade for a conference on "Emerging Economies" (July 13-15, 1998).


Refereed book chapter:

"The E-Mode of Brand Positioning - The Need for an Online Positioning Interface," Contemporary Research in E-Marketing, Volume 2, edited by Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Idea Group Inc.2006


Other articles:

  • Addressing Diversity : The Marketing Challenge in India , Wall Street Journal,Oct 20,2009.
  • Published over hundred and fifty articles in leading business newspapers in the area of `Marketing' (`The Hindu', `The Hindu - Businessline', `Economic Times', `Financial Express' and `Deccan Herald').
  • Published case studies in `Business Today' (a magazine for corporate executives).