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S Ramesh Kumar has a mix of industrial and teaching/research experience of over 30 years. His areas of interests are exploring the application of marketing/consumer behavior concepts to the Indian context.

Professor Ramesh Kumar’s research interests include Branding-Consumer Behavior Interface, Cultural Dimensions in Marketing and Consumer Behavior-Digital Marketing Interface. Dr Kumar has published a number of articles and case studies in reputed journals (national and international), business magazines and business newspapers. His several international publications include papers, in refereed journals of repute, which are known both for their academic rigor and practice orientation. His /co-authored papers on research /cases (on leading Indian brands across categories) have appeared in Journal of Integrated Marketing Communication, Journal of Brand Management, Ivey Business Journal and his co-authored papers have been published in Marketing Review, Journal of Customer Behavior, Richard Ivey Business School’s case collection and IIM B case collection marketed by Harvard Business School.

Significant Publications:


  • Leon Schiffman, Joseph Wisenblit and S.Ramesh Kumar "Consumer Behavior" 11 Ed (text book) Pearson education,2014
  • Ramesh Kumar S, (Editor),"Cases in Consumer Behavior-with coverage on the Indian context", Pearson-Ivey publication,2012.
  • Ramesh Kumar S., (Editor), "Cases In Marketing Management- with coverage of the Indian context" , Pearson-Ivey publication, 2011
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  • Ramesh Kumar S Conceptual Issues in Consumer Behavior-The Indian Context (323 pages), Pearson Education , Singapore,2003
  • Ramesh Kumar S Managing Indian Brands-Concepts and Strategies, Vikas Publications,2001
  • Ramesh Kumar S Application Exercises in Marketing-Indian Context , Vikas Publications,2000
  • Ramesh kumar S Marketing Nuggets - Conceptual Dimensions in Marketing Vikas Publications,1998


  • S.Ramesh Kumar ,Venkata Seshagiri Rao and Narayana Trinadh Kotturu," Himalaya Drug Company :Repositioning a Herbal bath Soap" (Ivey case),2014.
  • S.Ramesh Kumar and S.Venkatesh , " Himalaya Shampoo: Building a Differentiated Brand" (Ivey case),2013
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  • Ramesh Kumar and Kasturi Baral,"xylyz: Premium watches and Behavioral Dimensions in the Indian context" 2012, IIMB case - Harvard Business School case series.
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Nitya Guruvayurappan, "Himalaya Herbal Toothpaste :category and Brand Involvement in an Emerging market" 2011,Ivey Case
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Shamit Bagchi, :Marketing Art in an emerging environment, 2011 Ivey case
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Radhika Vishwas ,"Shiny Provision Stores :Challenges in the Indian retail market " Ivey Case Collection,2010-Ivey case
  • Ramesh Kumar S., Nitya Guruvayurappan and Madhurjya Banerjee," Ethnic Consulting Company" ,Ivey Case collection ,2010-Ivey case
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Nitya Guruvayurappan " Super Shampoo Products and the Indian Mass Market", 2010,Ivey case
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Radhika Viswas "Conversations in the mass market -Cellular phone services in an Emerging market" (2009)
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Geetha , " Fiery Thrills and Windy Rides-Positioning a new brand of motorcycle in the Indian context" 2009 (Published in S.Ramesh Kumar ,"Consumer Behavior and Branding -Concepts, Readings and Cases",Pearson,2009)
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Mohan Kuruvilla ,"Tinplate Company of India-Need for a Conceptual Focus", Ivey Case collection, (2001)-Ivey case

Selected refereed publications:

  • Ramesh Kumar S ,"Adapting Integrated Marketing Communication to an Emerging Market" Journal of Integrated marketing Communication" ,2009
  • Ramesh Kumar S and Kartik Srinivasan, "Consumer Psyche and Online Branding, The Indian Context-An Exploratory Study", International Journal of Management Practices &Contemporary Thoughts " Jun-Dec 2007 (published in 2008)
  • Ramesh Kumar S ,Nitya Guruvayurappan and Madhurjya ," Cultural Values and branding in an Emerging market-The Indian Context" ,Marketing Review Autumn issue, 2007
  • Ramesh Kumar S,Rajeev Ravi and Jeevesh Jain," ," The Role of Point of Purchase in Shopping behaviour in an Emerging Market-The Indian Context", Indian Retailing Review" ,Jun -Dec 2007
  • Ramesh Kumar,Amit Luthra and Gaurav Datta ,"Linkages between Brand Personality and Brand loyalty- A Qualitative study in an Emerging market in the Indian Context" ,South Asian Journal of Management, April-Jun 2006.
  • Ramesh Kumar and Aaalp Sharma, "Expansion advertising as a precursor to Brand loyalty in India, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management" , Sept,2005.
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  • Ramesh Kumar S," Combining Online and Offline Marketing Strategies "Ivey Business Journal Nov/Dec 2001


  • Presented a paper Customer Equity in Emerging Markets at "Frontiers in Marketing" conducted by Amercian Marketing Association and University of Queensland at Brisbane, Jun 28-July 2,2006.
  • Presented a paper, , "Managing Product Value and Symbolism in Brand Proposition-The Indian Context" in the conference "Marketing Strategies for Emerging Markets " conducted by IIM Kozhikode and NASMEI, U.S, at Kozhikode ( Dec,2004)
  • Presented a paper on "Linkages between Brand Loyalty and Brand Personality" at the Academy of Marketing conference held at University of Gloucestershire, U.K (July,2004) (joint paper with Amit Luthra and Gaurav Datta)
  • Qualitative Measurement of Impulsive Behavior-Retailing Context (abstract) accepted for presentation at the Marketing Science Conference at Smith School of Business, Maryland ,U.S (Jun, 2003)
  • Presented a paper on "Online Customer Equity at the Frontiers in Services"in a conference conducted by Amercian Marketing Association and Maastrict University,Netherlands (Jun,2002)
  • Presented a paper (with N.B.Kanagal) on "Product-Customer Interface" at the American Marketing Association conference "Frontiers in Services" held at Vanderbilt University, U.S (Oct 22-24,1999)
  • Presented a paper on Imagery and Consumer Behavior at the Psychology Congress held by Sweedish Psychological Association at Stockholm(July,2000)
  • Presented a paper (jointly with Professor Nargundkar titled "Towards A Global Village : Changes in Consumer And Industrial Marketing in India" at the International conference on "Architechting The Global Village : Perspectives, Problems And Prospects" held at Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad (Jan 3-5, 1997).
  • Paper titled "Monitoring Customer Satisfaction" accepted by Southern State University of Connecticut, US for the conference on "Business Envinronment" (Nov 13-14, 1997).
  • Paper on "Entry Strategies of Multinational Corporations - Indian Context" accepted by the University of Belgrade for a conference on "Emerging Economies" (July 13-15, 1998).

Refereed book chapter:

"The E-Mode of Brand Positioning - The Need for an Online Positioning Interface," Contemporary Research in E-Marketing, Volume 2, edited by Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Idea Group Inc.2006

Other articles:

  • Addressing Diversity : The Marketing Challenge in India , Wall Street Journal,Oct 20,2009.
  • Published over hundred and fifty articles in leading business newspapers in the area of `Marketing' (`The Hindu', `The Hindu - Businessline', `Economic Times', `Financial Express' and `Deccan Herald').
  • Published case studies in `Business Today' (a magazine for corporate executives).

Professor Kumar specializes in the application of marketing and consumer behavior concepts to the Indian context and has written six books on the theme:
Marketing and Branding – The Indian Scenario (Pearson)

Marketing Nuggets – Conceptual Dimensions in Marketing” (Vikas) which won the first prize awarded by The Federation of Educational Publishers in India

Application Exercises in Marketing (Vikas)

Managing Indian Brands – Marketing Concepts and Strategies (Vikas)

Conceptual Issues In Consumer Behavior – The Indian Context” (Pearson),

Consumer Behavior and Branding – Concepts, Readings and Cases – The Indian context”.

He has co-authored a textbook, Consumer Behavior, with Leon Schiffman and Joseph Wisenblit (Pearson, 2014 edition). He has edited two books on case studies (on Marketing and Consumer Behavior respectively) and both of them have been published by Pearson Education in collaboration with Ivey publishing, Canada, a unit of Ivey Business School.

He teaches in post graduate programs, executive management programs and research fellow programs. Developed courses at the post graduate and doctoral levels. Co-authored and published several real life cases associated with several reputed organizations in the Indian context

Undertaken training and development needs based need identification work across industries/companies.

Professor Ramesh Kumar was awarded the ICFAI Best Teacher Award by the Association for Indian Management Schools (AIMS).

  • Ph.D., Madras University
  • MBA, Madras University
  • B.E. (Electronics and Communication Engineering), Madras University, India