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Emerging Market Companies Ascending the Value Curve

Companies based in emerging markets are rapidly expanding into global markets. But what does it take to go up the value curve in international markets? <Read More>

Samsung Electronics is arguably the most successful global company from a newly industrializing country. How did it reach this leadership position? <Read More>

Regional aircraft manufacturer Embraer is another outstanding case of a company from emerging markets achieving global leadership. What explains its success? <Read More>

Pioneering Indian Organizations

Guess who pioneered the provision of R&D services from India to global markets? The National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), a part of India’s Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR). How was NCL transformed into a global R&D platform? <Read More>

Another pioneer from India is the Reva Electric Car Company <Read More>

Strategy & Organization

Aligning a company’s strategy with its organizational design and human resources policies and practices helps strategy implementation. To learn more about how to create this alignment, <click here>

What role does subsidiary initiative play in defining the MNC parent-subsidiary relationship? What do MNC parents do to allow subsidiaries to realize their potential? For lessons from the Indian software sector, <click here>

Technology Management & Product Innovation

What are the new technology management strategies being adopted by the leading Indian companies to drive their competitiveness in global markets? <Read More>

What are the challenges faced by Indian companies in creating new products? How are Indian companies addressing these challenges? <Read More>

Though India is a major power in software services, Indian software companies have been less successful in the product domain. What can be learnt from the experience of Indian efforts in developing software products? <Read More>